Build your city or town up with these great models that will fit right in with your existing setup. Modular buildings in the Cafe Corner style, smaller playset-type buildings, cars and trucks to get your Lego people where they're going. Bring your city to life.

Check out available models below

Medium gealt2a
CB025 Town Shop

This Town Shop is a 10211 Grand Emporium alternative model. You will just need to add the baseplate. The first...
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Medium smokestacks1
CB026 Smokestacks Coffee House

The Smokestacks Coffee House is a renovated factory that now serves a dual purpose. On the first floor there is...
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Medium menswear 1
CB027 Menswear Shop

This corner store is a menswear shop packed inside and out with details that make this an awesome building experience....
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Medium architecture 1
CB028 Architecture Firm

This building was designed by an architecture firm as their home office to showcase their talents. The open lobby on...
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Medium speakeasy2
CB029 Speakeasy

Club 23 Speakeasy is straight out of the prohibition days of the 1920's which is why there is a Model...
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Medium compack2 1a
CB030 Commercial Pack 2

These 2 buildings would look great on your commercial strip. The Japanese restaurant has 2 tables in the eating area,...
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Medium all 4
CB031 Commercial Facade Pack

This is a 4 n 1 instruction pack. After building the base model there are 4 different instructions for different...
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Medium euro hotel full
CB032 European Hotel

This European Hotel features some stunning architecture and details inside and out. This was first featured in "The Lego Neighborhood...
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Medium tow1a
CV001 Rollback Tow Truck

The model that started it all. The original, the classic, the rollback tow truck. This model features a tilting and...
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Medium glass2
CV002 Glass Truck

Glass is going to break in your city, and who will be around to replace it when it does? Your...
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Medium hisinglewhite
CV004 Hi Rail Pickup

You can't just trust that the rails in your layout will be clear and free of damage. You need someone...
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Medium nypdtruck8
CV005 NYPD Emergency Support Vehicle

When there's a boat in trouble, you need first responders to get to the scene quickly. This New York Police...
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