Build your city or town up with these great models that will fit right in with your existing setup. Modular buildings in the Cafe Corner style, smaller playset-type buildings, cars and trucks to get your Lego people where they're going. Bring your city to life.

Check out available models below

Medium precinct1
CB001 Police Precinct

Your modular city police need a downtown headquarters in order to keep tabs on the criminal element that prey on...
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Medium redbrick1
CB002 Colonial Revival House

One of our best sellers, the Colonial Revival house modeled after a real house in the Fan in Richmond, VA....
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Medium restaurant1
CB003 City Restaurant

Your modular city citizens want to have somewhere nice to eat out when they feel like a night out on...
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Medium gasstation1
CB004 Vintage Service Station

A classic service station to service your classic cars. Customer service isn't a thing of the past at this station...
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Medium nybs1
CB005 Upper West Side Brownstone House

This classic Brownstone features 3 fully furnished floors, a complete fire escape, stairs between floors, details in and out, and...
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Medium crp1 1
CB006 City Residential Pack 1

Your minifigs need a place to live, and what better place than this cozy set of houses? These 2 houses...
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Medium cityres2b
CB007 City Residential Pack 2

Check out these beauties! These houses are based on 2 real houses in the Fan District in Richmond, VA. The...
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Medium com1 1
CB008 Commercial Pack 1

These 2 buildings look like they belong in an older part of town that has maybe seen better days. The...
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Medium bank 1
CB009 National Bank

This neoclassical styled bank is based on the First National Bank building in downtown Richmond, VA. This one will really...
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Medium bakery 1
CB010 Brick City Bakery

Your minifigs need sweets, right? Come down to the Brick City Bakery for all your cookies, cakes, pies and pastries....
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Medium chilis1
CB011 Chili's Restaurant

This Chili's restaurant is based on some real Chili's. You may have even driven by one that looks like this...
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Medium amstcorn1ins
CB012 Corner Shop and Apartments

This beautiful Neo-Dutch Renaissance building is the first in our Amsterdam series. It's based off a jewelry store in the...
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