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Lego neighborhood book
Our first book is now available for preorder on, on, and on Barnes & Noble. The LEGO Neighborhood Book is your guide to creating incredible LEGO buildings. Snap together a few apartments, shops, houses, and soon you'll have a whole neighborhood! Inside these pages, you'll learn techniques for recreating classic architectural styles in LEGO bricks, like San Francisco's famous Victorians and New York City's brownstones. LEGO model-building experts Brian and Jason Lyles will teach you how to create interesting architectural features like cornices and false fronts, and how to construct porches and detailed interiors. With full color instructions for three multistory houses and many smaller builds (like a reclining armchair and an old-timey lamppost), The LEGO Neighborhood Book will give you hours of building fun. What will your neighborhood look like?

Lego Neighborhood Book companion files

We've included some companion files on this page to assist you in building the models in the book. Each of the larger models has 2 parts lists available to you, a checklist style list that opens up in your browser and a XML file that you can use to upload the complete parts list to Bricklink's wanted list feature. If you're not familiar with how that works, or Bricklink, check out the BCD Tutorial and the BrickLink Tutorial We've also included a PDF with instructions on how to build a delivery truck that fits into the Corner Drug Stores delivery bay. Parts lists for the truck are also included. Enjoy!

Canal Ring House Files

Canal Ring House Bricklink XML
Canal Ring House Parts List

Colonial Row House Files

Colonial Row House Bricklink XML
Colonial Row House Parts List

Parisian Row House Files

Parisian Row House Bricklink XML
Parisian Row House Parts List

Residential Base Files

Residential Base Bricklink XML
Residential Base Parts List

Corner Drug Store Files

Corner Drug Store Bricklink XML
Corner Drug Store Parts List

Delivery Truck Files

Delivery Truck Bricklink XML
Delivery Truck Parts List
Delivery Truck PDF