CB030 Commercial Pack 2

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CB030 Commercial Pack 2 Instructions

Product jason lyles

These 2 buildings would look great on your commercial strip. The Japanese restaurant has 2 tables in the eating area, a large aquarium, some decorative art on the walls, and a curved Japanese-style roof. The board shop features an attention-grabbing sign on the front, a sunglasses rack and interior displays for all the types of boards. Out back there is a ladder to get up to the roof, where the employees like to grill out and chill after a long day at work. This modular features some tricks for creating odd-width buildings. Normally, our buildings are 16 studs wide or 32 studs wide. The Japanese restaurant is 17 studs wide, and the Board Shop is 15 studs wide, and go together on a 32 stud wide baseplate. This is a fun build and goes great with your modular town.

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