Instructions include a PDF with clear steps on how to build the models. They also include an HTML parts list you can open in your internet browser. This parts list includes a checklist you can use to determine how many of each piece you already have. Submit your checklist, and customized XML is generated that you can use to upload to your Bricklink Wanted List to acquire the pieces you still need. Check out our FAQ and BCD Tutorial if you have any questions.

City logo


Build your city or town up with these great models that will fit right in with your existing setup. Modular buildings in the Cafe Corner style, smaller playset-type buildings, cars and trucks to get your Lego people where they're going. Bring your city to life.

Military logo


Have fun building military vehicles and buildings from the past and present. Re-live some of history's great battles with these excellent models.

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Everything that doesn't quite fit into the other categories; castle, fantasy, technic, mini, micro, etc.

Train logo


Expand your layout with these awesome rail models. Buildings, engines, rolling stock, passenger cars, maintenance of way vehicles, past, present, everything you need to make your layout first class.

Winter village logo

Winter Village

Expand your Winter Village with these great models from Brick City Depot. All models have open backs for a playset feel.