Build your city or town up with these great models that will fit right in with your existing setup. Modular buildings in the Cafe Corner style, smaller playset-type buildings, cars and trucks to get your Lego people where they're going. Bring your city to life.

Check out available models below

Medium canalins1
CB013 Canal Street Houses

This is the 2nd model in our Amsterdam series. They are based off of houses you'll typical find on the...
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Medium conins 1
CB014 Consulate

This model can be built using about half the pieces from 10224 Town Hall. The only things you will need...
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Medium hotel1
CB015 Amsterdam Hotel

This is the 3rd model in our Amsterdam series and was modeled after one end of the Amstel Hotel in...
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Medium giftshop 1
CB016 Amsterdam Gift Shop

This building is the 4th in our Amsterdam series. It features a gift shop on the first floor. The 2nd...
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Medium sf 1 pic
CB017 San Francisco Victorian House

This Victorian house is the first in our San Francisco series. It was modeled after several houses in SF. It...
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Medium sf2 1
CB018 San Francisco Stick Style House

This beautiful Victorian house is the 2nd in our San Francisco series. It was modeled after a real house in...
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Medium cr3 1
CB019 City Residential Pack 3

This is the 3rd in our City Residential series. This pair of London Row Houses are modeled after a real...
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Medium citytown   pic
CB020 City Townhouse

This model is an alternative to 10197 Fire Brigade. If you bought a 2nd Fire Brigade, use the pieces to...
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Medium mansard row 4a
CB021 Mansard Row House

This great little alternative model uses the pieces of 10228 Haunted House, plus 30 common pieces. These 30 pieces were...
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Medium cr4 1
CB022 City Residential Pack 4

This is the 4th in the City Residential series. The sand blue house is based off of a real house...
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Medium hardware 2
CB023 Hardware Store

This classic corner hardware store brings back the styling and architecture of the early 20th century. The first floor features...
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Medium comedy2a
CB024 Four Stars Comedy Club

This 10232 Palace Cinema alternative is a comedy club which would look great in your city layout. The only piece...
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