Winter Village

Expand your Winter Village with these great models from Brick City Depot. All models have open backs for a playset feel.

Check out available models below

Medium wintertrain9
WV001 Winter Village Train Station

This little train station is just the right size to go along with the winter village series. You can use...
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Medium wvhouse1
WV002 Winter Village Victorian House

The second in Brick City Depot's winter village series, this house was designed to evoke memories of Christmas trips to...
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Medium wvgs1
WV003 Winter Village Gas Station

The third model in Brick City Depot's winter village series, this little gas station is just the thing to complement...
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Medium wvfs1
WV004 Winter Village Fire Station

This winter village fire station features a removable roof, open back consistent with the winter village series, bunk room for...
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