Expand your layout with these awesome rail models. Buildings, engines, rolling stock, passenger cars, maintenance of way vehicles, past, present, everything you need to make your layout first class.

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Medium signalbox5
TB001 Signal Box

This signal box is built in a modular style, with separate first floor, second floor and roof sections. This model...
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Medium station1
TB002 Small Town Train Station

This small train station evokes classic small town train stations. With just a few parking spots, a single ticket booth...
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Medium group
TE001 Norfolk Southern Passenger Cars

These passenger coaches are modeled after vintage Norfolk Southern cars. Instructions include directions to build four different cars; business car,...
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Medium boxcar1
TE002 Black Boxcar

Build this boxcar in several different colors and fill out your railyard. An easy build that lends itself to repeating...
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Medium diesel  1
TE003 Diesel Switcher and Refrigerator Car

This diesel switcher can be built with or without Power Functions. The instructions show how to include Power Functions to...
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