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Medium wwii french bakery 7
WW008 WWII French Corner Bakery

This WWII French Corner Bakery would be a great addition to your military display. This fits nicely next to our...
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Medium castlehouse1
CA001 Medieval Farm House

It wasn't all castles and battering rams back in the middle ages. Members of the merchant class needed somewhere to...
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Medium signalbox5
TB001 Signal Box

This signal box is built in a modular style, with separate first floor, second floor and roof sections. This model...
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Medium wwiibuilding1 1
WW002 Bombed Out French Building

This building features a lot of techniques meant to make a building look damaged. Details include lots of little bits...
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Medium wvhouse1
WV002 Winter Village Victorian House

The second in Brick City Depot's winter village series, this house was designed to evoke memories of Christmas trips to...
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Medium wvgs1
WV003 Winter Village Gas Station

The third model in Brick City Depot's winter village series, this little gas station is just the thing to complement...
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Medium wvfs1
WV004 Winter Village Fire Station

This winter village fire station features a removable roof, open back consistent with the winter village series, bunk room for...
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Medium mansard row 4a
CB021 Mansard Row House

This great little alternative model uses the pieces of 10228 Haunted House, plus 30 common pieces. These 30 pieces were...
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Medium comedy2a
CB024 Four Stars Comedy Club

This 10232 Palace Cinema alternative is a comedy club which would look great in your city layout. The only piece...
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Medium gealt2a
CB025 Town Shop

This Town Shop is a 10211 Grand Emporium alternative model. You will just need to add the baseplate. The first...
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Medium wwiiffh 1
WW006 WWII Folding French House

This French house has seen some action. It has a crumbling exterior, sunken-in section of roof and a crack in...
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Medium wwii 1
WW007 WWII French Store

This store is modeled after actual buildings in Carentan, France. The destroyed feel is similar to WW002 French Building, and...
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